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The Youth Organisation of Central Finland

The Youth Organization of Central Finland (commonly known as NuK-Su, which is an abbreviation for the Finnish name of the organization) is an organization which provides services for all 11-24 year old youth and adults working with youth in Central Finland. We cooperate with everyone – schools, learning institutions, organizations, municipalities, congregations and businesses – who want to increase youths’ possibilities and abilities to take action and have influence in different ways.

Youth are at the center of everything our organization does

Our goal is to increase their abilities and possibilities to do, take action and have an influence on their lives and surroundings. We trust youth and give them responsibilities, challenges they can handle and support to achieve their goals.

Our organization operates with a learing-by-doing from youth-to-youth mindset

Youth themselves are the architects, engineers and audience in all our activity. Learning-by-doing strengthens, among other things, initiative, goal-orientation, interactive skills, cooperative skills and a positive attitude towards work.

What we do extends from arranging events (ToukoFest) to projects, courses, encounters, publicities and information, ways of influencing, Joblink-activity and rewarding youth and adults for their actions. About 10 000 youth and adults take part in our operations each year. Our vision is for Central Finland to become the province of active and responsible youth.